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Showwwtime is the easiest way to watch TV online; a smart menu displays hundreds of TV channels at a mouse-click. The program quality is mostly excellent & all the favorite shows are there. Plus it's 100% free. Highly recommended.


Free cash, cheats, tips and more.
One of the best sites for growing your Farmville farm. Updated charts show when to plant & harvest and how to expand.

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Host of Tekzilla on Revision3. Also, a geek.

the best of Twitter

A murder of crows: collective terms tweeted daily


the simple weird maker tool for all your texts.
ωяίтє lίкє тнίs oи тωίттєя, fαcєвooк, уoυя вloġ oя ωєвsίтє

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ωєίяđ :
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How does it work?

Weird making is done in javascipt and replaces the letters of the alphabet with their weird equivalent in UTF-8. The weird maker uses several scripts, especially the Greek and Russian alphabet.

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