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ωяίтє lίкє тнίs oи тωίттєя, fαcєвooк, уoυя вloġ oя ωєвsίтє

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       Online TV

Showwwtime is the easiest way to watch TV online; a smart menu displays hundreds of TV channels at a mouse-click. The program quality is mostly excellent & all the favorite shows are there. Plus it's 100% free. Highly recommended.


  the best of Twitter

Simply hilarious!

Decision making tool:
Fun yet incredibly useful.


Free cash, cheats, tips and more.
One of the best sites for growing your Farmville farm. Updated charts show when to plant & harvest and how to expand.

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Host of Tekzilla on Revision3. Also, a geek.

the best of Twitter

A murder of crows: collective terms tweeted daily

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Where can I use flipped text?

Most web services do support the Unicode required to display upside down writing, as do most of the commonly used browsers. It will work in Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, blogs, Instant Messaging, and more.
You can also place flipped text on your own website - just make sure that your meta tags show charset=UTF-8.

How does it work?

Text flipping is done in javascipt and replaces the letters of the alphabet with their upside down equivalent in UTF-8. Brackets and essential punctuation (commas, question marks, semi-colons, exclamation marks) are all flipped correctly. Capital letters are converted to lower case and numbers are not supported.


Also try our "Weirdmaker" tool:

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